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Boarding Services

Boarding Services: FAQ

How much are boarding fees?

$300 per month per horse plus the cost of feed. Feed costs depend on the type of feed you would like us to feed your horse.

You can also purchase and provide your own feed.

What does this cost include?

Your horse will get their own stall, will be turned out to pasture, and fed twice a day. Additionally, the monthly fee includes frequent stall cleaning, blanketing when needed, and basic grooming. Bales of hay in pasture also provided.

This does not cover the cost of vet or farrier services, but we will work and meet with vets and farriers when necessary. 

Additional Information

Boarders will have access to and use of the arena and round pen for their own training and riding.

We have a local trainer for hire as well for training in English and Western riding and basic training for young horses. 

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